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The eco-conscious Kiwi cafe owner and Swiss soil scientist with a mission!

Dismayed by the amount of waste such as organic coffee grounds she was throwing away at her busy Bay of Islands cafe, Dianne Pilcher was sure there was a better use for these nutrient-rich waste products than taking up space as landfill.

Dianne started to experiment with different concoctions on both her indoor and outdoor plants and with great results, realised she might be onto something - so she sent her samples to Andreas Kurmann a scientific consultant specialising in soil analysis.


Andreas too was passionate about working towards a sustainable environment & organic gardening and in his many years as a consultant had discovered a number of natural ways to prepare, enhance and aerate the soil that worked with the earth rather than stripping it of precious nutrients.


Meeting Dianne gave him the business partner he needed to put this knowledge to use and so together they developed a totally natural and eco-friendly new product great for your organic vegetable garden - Fodda! Fodda gives gardens excellent growing soil as an organic garden fertilizer.

They continue to develop, test and trial new blends to complement the Soil Enhancer and Natural General Fertislier products and are always looking for new innovative solutions to feed the earth instead of buying soil for plants and soil for flower beds.

Fodda is full of NPK nutrients and is a well-balanced organic fertilizer that is also great as a natural fertilizer for tomatoes and even a natural plant food for roses and replaces liquid fertilizer for fruit trees!

The Fodda Natural Garden New Zealand Team

"Fodda has evolved from an initial simple idea to reduce waste, flourishing into a range that everyone can use!"


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